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Planning & Development Services
Contact TypeContact Information
Growth Management Director, (386) 601-0203
Planning Tech, (386) 601-0204
Office Assistant, (386) 601-0238
City Hall
16 Colomba Road
DeBary, FL 32713
(386) 668-2040
(386) 668-3523
Monday - Friday
8:30 AM to 5:00 PM
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Regulating Documents
Approval Process
Planning and Zoning Information

Business Tax Receipts

On December 15, 2010, the City of DeBary enacted Ordinance # 10-10 establishing a local business tax. A Business Tax Receipt was formally known as a Business License or Occupational License. Business tax receipts are payable on October 1st of each year. Renewal notices are sent out in July and payment must be received by September 30th to avoid penalties. Any new business tax receipt processed after April 1st will be issued at one-half the annual fee due. Please note that it is a violation of City code to operate a business in the City of DeBary without first paying your local business taxes and obtaining a business tax receipt. Also, please note that a Volusia County Business Tax Receipt (BTR) is also required. The City issued approval number will be needed when applying for your Volusia County BTR.
Click here to obtain a copy of the City’s Business Tax Receipt Application.
If you have any questions please contact Emily Ragusa 386-601-0238.


Planning and Development Services:
The Planning Department coordinates, develops, organizes, and implements the City's planning and development review program.  The department is responsible for formulation and implementation of the City’s comprehensive planning program, review of zoning applications, rezoning, special use permits, land development code amendments, site plan review, and development of City planning policies.  The Planning Department provides support to the Local Planning Agency and City Council.  The Planning Department responds to other governmental agencies, citizens, and developers’ inquiries and assists them through the application process.  She/he maintains zoning and future land use maps and coordinates the processing, review and monitoring of all site plans and subdivision applications and plats to include technical review of engineering components including stormwater and drainage, soils and geotechnical, utilities, traffic and roads, environmental review and monitoring compliance.


The following information has been prepared to assist you in preparation, submission and procedural requirements when filling out an application for plan review. The Planning Department will review applications, where permitted by ordinance, for the City of DeBary.

Where to File
The Department of Planning and Development Services
DeBary City Hall, 16 Colomba Road, DeBary, FL 32713
Telephone (386) 601-0201  Fax (386) 668-3523

What’s Included
The development process includes actions related to land use, new construction and structure rehabilitation. These types of activities include the following:

  • Zoning and future land use
  • Site plan view and subdivision platting
  • Lot combinations
  • Variance and Special Exception requirements
  • Permitted uses
  • Vacating of plats and/or ROW
  • The City’s development regulations are contained within the DeBary Land Development Code which includes the uses permitted, minimum yard setbacks, maximum height regulations, Gateway Corridor Standards, landscape standards, parking requirements, and other development regulations.
  • Land intending to be sold in lots/parcels must be subdivided according to Florida Statutes, Chapter 177. The City’s Land Development code specifies the requirements for platting lots in the City. Plats address stormwater collection, streets, utilities, ownership of common areas, etc., and are legally binding on all included property. Platting occurs before site plan review and building permitting.
  • For most types of applications, a site development plan must be submitted that indicates the location and size of the proposed buildings and site improvements. All properties must be zoned appropriately prior to development. Copies of the DeBary Land Development Code can be obtained from the City clerk’s office and by clicking HERE.  A building permit must be obtained before any building or structure is erected or remodeled. Building permits in DeBary are issued by the DeBary Building Department.  
  • For information on permits please contact:
  • Building Department
  • Steve Wood
  • T (386) 601-0212 F (386) 668-3508

Pre-Application Meeting
Prior to any submittals being accepted the City encourages each applicant and/or representative to attend a pre-application meeting.

In order to arrange a pre-application meeting, please contact the Department of Planning and Development Services at (386) 601-0201.  The pre-application meeting will be attended by representatives of the following City Departments:

  • City Administration
  • Matt Boerger, Growth Management Director
  • Other representatives from City Departments may be in attendance on a case-by-case basis.
Pre-Application Meeting Questionnaire
You may view and download the Pre-Application Meeting Questionnaire referenced above on the City’s website.  You will need to complete this and submit two (2) business days prior to the meeting to:

The Department of Planning and Development Services
DeBary City Hall, 16 Colomba Road, DeBary, FL 32713
T (386) 601-0201 F (386) 668-3523

The Meeting
At the meeting, the City staff will highlight areas where the application may need additional attention prior to submission and will also review the site plan process.

The applicant and/or representative shall bring a draft concept plan to illustrate the proposed project and should be prepared to discuss the following topics:

  • Minimal Submittal Requirements
  • Zoning/Land Use Issues
  • Fees and Timeliness
  • Landscaping
  • Traffic Impact Study/Issues
  • Lighting
  • Street Requirements
  • Parking Requirements
  • Storm Drainage
  • Pedestrian Access
  • Flood Plains
  • Development Standards
  • Utility Service
  • Other Issues

The Purpose
The purpose of the meeting is to attempt to identify any potential deficiencies and to highlight major, potentially time-consuming issues for the applicant to address prior to submitting a formal application for review.

The Application
An application for plan review will then need to be completed. You may view and download the appropriate Application Questionnaire on the City’s website.

Comment Checklist
Please be advised that BEFORE you can re-submit your application for final review, comments from ALL the applicable reviewing parties must be made and the comment checklist must be checked off then signed by the applicant.

City of DeBary, FL
16 Colomba Rd, DeBary, FL 32713
Phone: (386) 668-2040  Fax: (386) 668-4122