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Frequently Asked Questions
Reporting a Problem

Q: Who should I contact if I need to report a problem of safety, vandalism, or cleanliness or to report a repair that is needed in any of the City’s Parks?

A: Contact Cathy Scribben at the Parks Department at (386) 668-2040 ext. 319 or email Parks Superintendent Tom VanDeHey at

Q: Who do I call if I have a question regarding the administration of the Parks?

A: You should contact Parks and Recreation Director John Fletcher at (386) 668-2040 or contact John by email at

Entry Fees
Q: Is there an entry fee to any of the parks?
A: No fees are charged for entry to any parks in the City.
Q: Do I have to reserve a Pavilion in a City Park in order to have a Birthday Party or a Picnic?
A: No, however if you set up for a party or picnic in a Pavilion without making a reservation, you will have to vacate that Pavilion if a resident with a properly-signed Pavilion Reservation Permit shows up to that Pavilion.
Q: How do I reserve a Pavilion in a City Park?
A:.You can call the Parks & Recreation Office at (386) 668-2040 Option 4 for more information and to make sure the date you want is available. To reserve the Pavilion stop by the Parks Office at 16 Colomba Road. More information can also be found in the Pavilion Rental page on our website.
Q: How do I reserve a Pavilion at Gemini Springs Park?
A: Call the Gemini Springs Park Manager’s Office at (386) 668-3810 to reserve a Pavilion and for rental fee information.
Q: Can I take my pet to a City Park?
A: Yes, but for the safety of all Park patrons the City does not allow pets on the Sports Fields. Your pet must be on a leash or under your voice control at all times during your visit to a City Park. In Gemini Springs Park, pets must be on a leash at all times.
Sports Fields
Q: Why are the Sports Fields locked during the day Mondays through Fridays?
A: The Sports Fields are locked during weekdays from 7:00 AM until 3:00 PM because that is when our Parks Operations Crew perform daily field & turf grass management tasks, i.e., mowing the Fields, applications of fertilizers, pesticides, & herbicides that usually require a drying and/or watering-in period before the Fields can be used for play. The Fields are locked to assure that no one accidentally enters a Field that has just been treated.
Sports Fields - Reserving a Field
Q: Can I just show up and play a game on a Sports Field in a City Park?
A: Yes. However, keep in mind that the sports fields are closed to the public from 7:00AM until 3:00PM for field and grass management tasks (see Q&A above). Daily games may be scheduled on all fields so it is recommended that you check with the Parks and Recreation Office prior to using the fields by calling (386) 668-2040 weekdays 8:30AM to 5:00PM. The City requires all official activities on the Sports Fields to be reserved.
Q: Who do I call to inquire about recreation programming?
A: Contact Jason Schaitz, Recreation Coordinator at or call (386) 668-2040 to ask about any programs.

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